Backrooms Level -0.4: "The Flawless Reflective Labyrinth"

The infamous Backrooms Level -0.4, dubbed "The Flawless Reflective Labyrinth", is a bewildering, labyrinthine space, crafted entirely of immaculate mirrored surfaces. This is in stark contrast to other mirror-themed realms such as -1.2, distinguished by its confusing, maze-like architecture and remarkably pristine reflections.


Contrasting the partially reflective and mildly distorted surfaces of Level -1.2, Level -0.4 paints a surreal picture with its intricate maze made entirely of perfectly mirrored surfaces, reflecting light with unparalleled clarity. The mirror-finished walls, floors, and ceilings stand unblemished and unnervingly clean, a stark departure from the smudged and cracked mirrors of Level -1.2. This flawless mirroring effect weaves a visually perplexing labyrinth that multiplies every image ad infinitum.

Environmental Symphony:

The atmosphere in Level -0.4 is cool and crisp, devoid of any identifiable scent. Contrary to the murmuring whispers reported in Level -1.2, the only sound here is the soft reverberation of your own movements. Despite the lack of a discernible light source, the mirrored surfaces stay brilliantly lit.

Portals of Arrival:

  • From Level -0.3: Should a wanderer in Level -0.3 manage to attune their thoughts towards flawlessly reflective surfaces, they might be abruptly whisked away to Level -0.4.

Gateways of Departure:

  • To Level -0.3: Locating a mirror that fails to replicate one's image - a rare anomaly in this otherwise perfect labyrinth - and touching said mirror could guide the wanderer back to Level -0.3.

Resident Echoes:

Reflections: This level's sole entities are the wanderer's reflections. However, unlike in Level -1.2, where reflections have been known to exhibit independent or even antagonistic behavior, here, they seem to mimic the wanderer, with rare reports of them acting autonomously or disappearing entirely.

Interaction Phenomena:

  • Mirrors: Exhibiting extraordinary hardness, the mirrors here prove unbreakable, setting them apart from the mirrors in Level -1.2. Contact with these mirrors neither leaves a fingerprint nor a mark, imparting an oddly chilling sensation instead.

Guidelines and Cautions:

  • Keep track of your path. Although any mark made on the mirror will vanish, marking your clothing or body can serve as a breadcrumb trail.
  • Remain vigilant of your reflections. Anomalous behavior of your reflection might signal an impending exit.
  • Upon finding a mirror that refuses to mirror your image, don't hesitate to touch it. It may serve as the passage leading back to Level -0.3.