Backrooms Level -0.99: "The Gravity Wells"

Hold on to your hat, you're about to enter Backrooms Level -0.99, a place we like to call "The Gravity Wells." It's a realm where physics takes a holiday, full of floating islands and gravity that can't quite make up its mind.


Picture a sky stretching out forever, dotted with islands that float as if weight meant nothing. No two islands are the same: some are chunks of earth, ripped from some unknown place, still carrying remnants of structures or a touch of greenery; others are just bare rocks. The catch? Gravity's not consistent here. What goes down on one island might go up on another!

Environment Conditions:

It's a peaceful place, Level -0.99. The air's fresh and a bit chilly, with a smell that reminds you of damp earth after a rain. And while the sky stretches out in all directions, the islands are well lit, like there's an invisible sun overhead. The only sound? A gentle wind whispering from far away.


  • From Level -0.9: Ever take a tumble through a trapdoor in the Marble Fortress? Well, if it's the right one, you might just find yourself landing here in Level -0.99.


  • To Level -0.9: Want to head back to the Marble Fortress? Find an island where gravity's got its directions flipped, take a leap of faith, and keep the image of the Marble Fortress in mind. Before you know it, you'll be back in Level -0.9.


Sky Serpents: These graceful, otherworldly creatures glide from island to island, minding their own business. They'll keep to themselves unless you provoke them, so it's best to let them be.

Object Interactions:

  • Islands: The islands here don't play by the usual rules of gravity. You'll need your wits about you to navigate them safely.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Watch your step, and don't forget that gravity varies from island to island.
  • Don't pick a fight with the Sky Serpents. They're peaceful creatures unless you give them a reason not to be.
  • Keep the Marble Fortress fresh in your mind. That memory could be your ticket back to Level -0.9.