Backrooms Level -10 ("The Blaze")

Welcome to Level -10, otherwise known as "The Blaze", a perpetual expanse that mimics the harrowing landscape of a burning building.

Details of the Domain:

Picturing Level 0? Now add flames that dance and crackle with an insatiable hunger, along with a searing heat that dominates everything—you've got Level -10. The corridors and rooms are shrouded in smoke, punctuated by the glow of fire and the intermittent tumble of debris, crafting a landscape of danger and fear.

The Setting:

The environment seethes with extreme heat, courtesy of the unending fire. The air is heavy with the scent of smoke and burning matter. The ceaseless soundtrack is a cacophony of flames licking the air and structures surrendering to their fiery end. A blanket of smoke and the sporadic light of flickering flames hamper visibility.


  • From Level -9: Ever entered a steam-filled room in Level -9? Sometimes, these can usher wanderers straight into Level -10.
  • From Level 0: Occasionally, an unusually hot spot or a fire-damaged area in Level 0 can act as a gateway to Level -10.


  • Fire Exit Portals: Some fire exits offer a passage back to Level 0, but the fiery conditions make them tricky to find.
  • Water Waypoints: Now and then, water sources, be they fire hydrants or water coolers, might provide an exit to Level -9 when tampered with.


Fire Shades: Ethereal entities that embody the essence of flames, seen drifting through the level. While they're usually non-aggressive, their presence can trigger profound dread and panic.

Object Opportunities:

  • Fire Exit Portals: A few fire exits double up as portals, taking you back to the relative safety of Level 0.
  • Water Waypoints: Certain water sources can magically transport wanderers to Level -9 when manipulated.

Survival Hints:

  • Stay away from the Fire Shades—they may not be hostile, but they can trigger panic.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for fire exits or water sources—they're your best bet for escaping this fiery hell.
  • Arm yourself with heat-resistant gear or devise a way to shield yourself from the blazing heat.
  • Remember to pack clean air or a breathing apparatus—trust me, you'll need it in this smoky atmosphere.