Backrooms Level -12: "Fractured Reality Frenzy"

Prepare to question the stability of existence in the Backrooms Level -12, known as the "Fractured Reality Frenzy", a realm in which reality is in perpetual flux and certainty is a fleeting concept.


This level is characterized by incessantly morphing landscapes that defy conventional physics and comprehension. At one moment, wanderers may find themselves encompassed by a dense forest of towering neon trees. In the next instant, they might be standing amid a boundless cityscape of shimmering glass. The landscapes mutate capriciously, without any discernible pattern or apparent trigger.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The environmental conditions vary as dramatically as the landscapes themselves. A serene pasture can abruptly transform into a sub-zero arctic wasteland, bringing about an immediate temperature shift. Sound in this level is distorted, with whispers seeming to echo from non-existent sources and symphonies appearing to arise out of thin air.

Entry Points:

  • From Chaotic Corridor Collapse (Level -13): Escaping from Level -13 at precisely the right moment may thrust a wanderer into the unsettling domain of Level -12.

Exit Points:

  • Towards Repeating Resonance (Level -11): Each reality shift provides a small chance for a door to appear, leading to the relative stability of Level -11.

Local Entities:

Shifters: These entities have the power to mold the reality of Level -12 to their whims. They can assume any form and often adapt to the characteristics of the current landscape. While not inherently aggressive, they can respond unpredictably to interactions.


  • Shifting Landscapes: The unpredictable nature of this level's environment means that interaction can lead to drastic consequences. Wanderers are advised to exercise caution while exploring.

Survival Strategies:

  • Maintain composure. The ceaseless shifts in reality can be disorienting and mentally taxing.
  • Exercise caution while interacting with Shifters, as their reactions can have dramatic impacts on the environment.
  • Be vigilant for the emergence of doors during reality shifts, as these could provide potential exits to Level -11.