Backrooms Level -13: "Chaotic Corridor Collapse"

Step into the Backrooms Level -13, the "Chaotic Corridor Collapse", a realm where the fundamental concepts of structure and stability are perpetually defied.


This level manifests as a sprawling maze of corridors, with its unique aspect being the unending collapse and reconstruction of its structure. The corridors, seemingly comprised of antiquated, worn plaster and wooden beams, incessantly crumble and reshape into diverse layouts, subverting the standard physical laws.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The atmosphere bears a heavy smell of dust and time-worn wood, while the temperature unpredictably fluctuates, aligning with the random collapses and regenerations. Lighting conditions are equally erratic, oscillating from barely lit to glaringly bright with each structural transformation.

Entry Points:

  • From Distorted Dimension's Dance (Level -14): Wanderers who manage to retain a steady pace against the rhythm of Level -14 might find themselves unexpectedly within the disintegrating corridors of Level -13.

Exit Points:

  • Towards Still Serenity (Level -12): During certain collapses, specific corridors might briefly disclose entrances to Level -12.

Local Entities:

Architects: These entities, resembling humanoid figures constructed from plaster and wood, mimic the surrounding environment of Level -13. They oversee the ceaseless reshaping of the corridors and generally disregard wanderers unless their work is disrupted.


  • Collapsing Corridors: Although the shifting corridors pose a hazard due to their abrupt collapses, they can expose potential exit routes during their reconstruction phases.

Survival Tips:

  • Evade hindering the Architects as they are generally passive unless their work is interfered with.
  • Remain alert and move swiftly to avoid getting caught in a collapsing corridor.
  • Keep an eye out for sudden entrances during collapses as they may serve as temporary exits to Level -12.