Backrooms Level -17: "Fractured Facade of Time"

Welcome to Backrooms Level -17, dubbed "Fractured Facade of Time", a discombobulating realm where time crumbles and warps into an enigma.

Warp Through Time:

The aesthetic of this level is whimsical due to temporal distortions that decorate it. Spaces swiftly oscillate between dilapidated rooms reminiscent of the past and futuristic vistas that belong to the times yet to come. Amidst this oscillation, the one stable visual theme is an abundance of clocks, each unique in design and age, showing a distinct time. They hang from the walls, float in mid-air, and stand sentinel in this realm of distorted time.

Erratic Environment:

The environmental conditions are as volatile as a time machine on overdrive. Certain areas might accelerate or reverse time, causing everything within to age or rejuvenate at a rapid pace. Temperature, lighting, and sounds all tumble through a rollercoaster of changes as the environment slides between different time epochs. The consistent soundtrack in this level is the unending tick-tock, an echo bouncing off countless clocks.


  • From Tumultuous Transitions (Level -18): Journeying through one of the shimmering light doors in the Tumultuous Transitions will transport you to the Fractured Facade of Time.


  • Towards The Silent Void (Level -16): Aligning all the visible clocks to a particular time can trigger a portal to open, leading to Level -16, "The Silent Void".


Timewalkers: Unfazed by the time distortions, these entities traverse Level -17 with ease. They resemble humanoid figures, cloaked in ever-shifting fabrics of time. Interactions with Timewalkers may result in time-related anomalies, altering the course of events in unpredictable ways.

Interact and Engage:

  • Clocks: The myriad clocks strewn across this level serve as vital navigational aids and potential escape mechanisms. Although these timekeepers can be manipulated, they often put up a fight when one attempts to synchronize them.

Guidelines for Survival:

  • Refrain from lingering in one place for too long to evade the drastic effects of time distortions, which can age or de-age objects at an accelerated rate.
  • Strive to keep track of your personal time. Despite the challenging nature of this level, this is a vital step in maintaining your sanity and awareness.
  • Exercise extreme caution while interacting with Timewalkers. Although they can offer valuable information, the time anomalies they cause might have unpredictable and potentially hazardous consequences.