Backrooms Level -1.2: "The Reflection"

Level -1.2, more commonly known as "The Reflection," manifests as a disconcertingly flawless mirror image of Level -1 within the bewildering expanse of the Backrooms.

Deciphering The Reflection:

The Reflection is a peculiar spectacle where every aspect of Level -1 finds itself mirrored—room configurations, meandering hallways, objects, and even written language. This uncanny symmetry can lead to profound disorientation and bewilderment, with everything appearing as a reversed rendition of reality.

Environment Conditions:

The environmental attributes of The Reflection echo those of Level -1 in all aspects—temperature, olfactory ambiance, humidity, and luminosity—with the singular exception of its visually flipped nature.


  • From Level -1: A wanderer might unexpectedly find themselves in the mirrored corridors of Level -1.2 instead of the anticipated environs of Level -1, brought on by a sudden shift while crossing a doorway.
  • Random Shifts: In keeping with the capricious nature of the Backrooms, an abrupt shift can ferry wanderers from various levels into Level -1.2.


  • To Level -1: Identifying a doorway that reveals a non-mirrored room can facilitate a return to Level -1.
  • Random Shifts: Sporadic shifts retain their ability to whisk wanderers to an array of other levels.


Reflections: The Reflection distinguishes itself by not hosting its own entities but instead generating mirror duplicates of any entities that may have trailed a wanderer from Level -1. These mirrored entities pack the same peril as their non-mirrored counterparts.

Object Interactions:

  • Mirrored Objects: Every object within Level -1.2 is a mirrored echo of its equivalent in Level -1, inclusive of any tools or supplies. This characteristic can breed confusion, particularly when trying to decipher mirrored script or manipulate mirrored instruments.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Exercise caution when dealing with mirrored objects. The reversal can be particularly disorienting when interpreting mirrored text.
  • Maintain a keen sense of awareness. The mirrored environment can rapidly lead to disorientation.
  • Stay alert for mirrored entities. They possess the same degree of threat as their original forms.