Backrooms Level -2.1: "The Forgotten Library"

Step into the grand, cryptic expanse of Backrooms Level -2.1, fondly nicknamed "The Forgotten Library". Imagine, if you will, an endless labyrinth of unreadable books, a literary maze suspended in timeless silence.


Picture a library that sprawls to infinity, where gargantuan bookshelves form a twisted maze that loops into the impossible. Books of every conceivable size and hue fill these towering shelves. But here's the catch, folks. None of these books contain a single intelligible word. A sea of symbols, alien and enigmatic, await your puzzled gaze.

Environment Conditions:

Can you smell that? That's the aroma of ancient texts, mingling with the still air. Ornate lamps punctuate the dimly-lit aisles, casting long, spectral shadows. As for the temperature, it stays as mild as an old librarian's temperament.


  • From Level -1.9: For those wandering through the Flickering Cinema's maze of theaters, a surprise awaits. A door, nondescript yet enticing, might lead you right into the heart of Level -2.1.


  • To Level -1.9: Sometimes, in this realm of unreadable texts, a book may hide a looping film strip within its cryptic pages. Dare to step into this film strip, and find yourself transported back to Level -1.9.


Librarians: Oh, and let's not forget our silent hosts, the Librarians. These humanoid entities roam the endless aisles, tidying up with a fervor that speaks volumes of their silent dedication. Curiously, they seem to have no interest in us visitors.

Object Interactions:

  • Books: Even though the books appear to be gobbledygook, don't dismiss them outright. These mysterious tomes might just be your ticket out of here.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Don't lose your bearings. In a place where every aisle looks the same, it's easier than you think.
  • Engage with the books. Despite their unintelligibility, they might hold the keys to your escape.
  • Steer clear of the Librarians. They might seem harmless, but why take chances when their motives remain a mystery?