Backrooms Level -3.1: "Echo Caves"

Enter the enigmatic realm of Backrooms Level -3.1, known colloquially as "Echo Caves". A boundless labyrinth of cavernous chambers and serpentine tunnels, this network of pitch-black caves reverberates with an uncanny chorus of echoes.


Level -3.1 unfurls as an intricate web of caves, each cavern a cathedral of the underworld, each tunnel a vein in the earth's crust. Constructed from moist, ebony rock, water frequently trickles down the walls, fashioning stalactites and stalagmites. Punctuated by distant, indecipherable sounds, the caves hold an eerie, resounding ambience that whispers in the dark.

Environment Conditions:

The air you breathe in the Echo Caves is heavy with humidity, carrying the raw scent of damp soil. The cave's darkness is occasionally punctured by patches of bioluminescent fungi, casting an ethereal glow on the moist rock. The caves have a consistently cold temperament, while the echoing sounds confuse the senses, causing disorientation.


  • From Level -2.2: Amid the rhythmic dance of gears in the Clockwork Realm, certain gears might decelerate and morph into cave entrances, offering passage to Level -3.1.


  • To Level -2.2: Every so often, a stalagmite or stalactite may shudder to life, twisting and turning like a gear, unveiling a portal back to the Clockwork Realm of Level -2.2.


Echoes: In the inky darkness, lurk the Echoes. These spectral entities appear to be the wellspring of the echoing sounds, blending seamlessly with the shadows. They are elusive, their nature and intentions cloaked in mystery.

Object Interactions:

  • Bioluminescent Fungi: These living lamps puncture the cave's darkness and can serve as waypoints, preventing wanderers from spiraling into disorientation.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Seek solace in the light. Aim to stay within the illuminated radius of the fungi as the cave's darkness can lead to disorientation.
  • Be vigilant for the Echoes. A crescendo in the echoing sounds often heralds their presence.
  • Engage with the fungi. A gentle touch can induce a brighter glow, illuminating darker corners and paths.