Backrooms Level -3: "The Flooded One"—An Aquatic Anomaly

Dive into Level -3, coined "The Flooded One", an inundated doppelgänger of Level 0, where waist-deep waters are your constant companions.

Embracing the Aquatic Abyss:

Picture Level -3, a waterlogged reflection of Level 0. The once familiar rooms now harbor murky, stagnant pools reaching up to your waist. An enigma in its own right, the underwater electrical equipment and lights persist in their functions—their dull glow refracted and distorted by the water's surface.

Submerged in the Shadows:

The atmosphere in Level -3 clings to you with a cold, humid grip, a stark contrast to the familiar comfort of Level 0. The air carries the stale scent of dampness and mildew, while a symphony of water droplets provides an ominous background score. The light here is deceptively dim, swallowing distances in its shadows.

Doorways to the Dampened:

  • From Level 0: Be cautious—doors that once promised familiarity might instead thrust you into the chilling embrace of Level -3.
  • From Level -2: Manipulating certain machinery in Level -2 can fabricate passages leading to the water-filled expanse of Level -3.

Portals Submerged:

  • Beneath the Waves: Subaquatic doors peppered throughout the waterscape may serve as cryptic portals to other levels.

Entities Among the Eddies:

Drowned Wanderers: Soaked shadows of human form, these entities drift aimlessly through the watery labyrinth. They are typically non-hostile, unless roused to action.

Treading the Treacherous:

  • Lights Below: The submerged lights might seem like benign beacons, but beware—their electrified touch may result in shocking surprises.

Survival Strategies in the Submerged:

  • Steer clear of the submerged lights—they're more than just shiny objects and can deliver a powerful jolt.
  • Keep your guard up around the Drowned Wanderers. They typically keep to themselves but can become confrontational when incited.
  • Preserve your electronic lifelines by ensuring they are tightly sealed against the omnipresent water threat.