Backrooms Level -4: "Inversion"—An Uncanny Upside-Down Universe

Level -4, aptly dubbed "Inversion", pitches you into an enigmatic world that mimics Level 0, albeit in an upside-down fashion.

The World Turned Topsy-Turvy:

The uncanny Level -4 mirrors its progenitor, Level 0, with a surreal spin—it's flipped upside down. Ceilings replace floors, lights beam upwards, and doorways, fixtures, they all defy gravity, exhibiting a weird inversion. Fret not, for the gravity here aligns with this inverted reality, allowing explorers to navigate the topsy-turvy terrain unhampered.

An Eerie Echo:

Temperature, the faint lingering smell, and the overall ambiance, it all mirrors Level 0. However, the uncanny upward-falling light casts bizarre shadows, and the soft, incessant electric hum seems more pronounced in this reversed realm.

Access Points:

  • From Level 0: Certain portals in Level 0, in a disconcerting twist, reverse orientation, catapulting you into Level -4.
  • From Level -3: In the waterlogged world of Level -3, a deep dive in certain chambers might unexpectedly surface into the inverted Level -4.


  • Doors Adrift: The gravity-defying doors in Level -4 lead back to Level 0 or delve deeper into other negative levels.


The Flipped Ones: These spectral inhabitants of Level -4, resembling inverted phantasmal humanoids, wander in seeming peace. But beware, they do not take kindly to close encounters.

Tricks of the Trade:

  • Defying Fixtures: The inverted fixtures can deceive. Interactions may trigger a sudden shift in orientation, causing disorientation or vertiginous falls.

Travel Tips:

  • Avoid the ire of the Flipped Ones by keeping a respectful distance.
  • Interact with fixtures judiciously. Unanticipated shifts can lead to injuries or dizzying disorientation.
  • Leave a trail of your travels, for the labyrinthine layout can easily mislead and lose you in its enigmatic embrace.