Backrooms Level -6.2: "The Echoed Silence"

Welcome to Backrooms Level -6.2, better known as "The Echoed Silence", an unnervingly quiet, spatially warped version of the Backrooms where sound acts in peculiar ways.


Level -6.2 retains the architectural essence of typical Backrooms levels but with an extraordinary feature: each surface is enveloped in a porous, foam-like material. This results in rooms, corridors, and hallways being exceptionally silent, thanks to the sound-absorbing capacity of the foam.

Environment Conditions:

The temperature maintains a comfortable neutrality, but the air is conspicuously arid. Lighting is dim and originates from no identifiable source. The dominant characteristic of this level is the profound absence of sound, creating an eerie and disorienting atmosphere.


  • From Level -6: Some doorways within Level -6, upon opening, reveal not the anticipated room or corridor but the foam-coated landscape of Level -6.2.


  • To Level -6: Certain doors, when repeatedly opened and closed, can transition the wanderer back to Level -6.


No known entities inhabit Level -6.2, enhancing its unnerving silence.

Object Interactions:

  • Foam Surfaces: The foam surfaces, with their extraordinary sound absorption, render communication and navigation by sound virtually impossible.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • The unnatural silence can lead to sensory deprivation, causing disorientation and mental stress. It's advised for wanderers to maintain strong mental focus and rest often to stave off mental fatigue.
  • Given the lack of sound cues, paying careful attention to visual landmarks for navigation becomes vital.
  • Despite the lack of known entities, one must remain vigilant for potential, yet undiscovered threats.