Backrooms Level -7.1: "The Crimson Network"

Backrooms Level -7.1, dubbed "The Crimson Network", is a uniquely perilous level marked by an intricate maze of blood-red wires enveloping all surfaces.


At its core, Level -7.1 retains the structure of a conventional Backrooms level, however, its walls, roof, and floor are hidden beneath a dense entanglement of red wires. The wires exhibit varying thickness, from thread-thin strands to robust cords, intersecting haphazardly to form a chaotic, web-like network.

Environment Conditions:

The level is faintly illuminated by a red radiance that appears to emanate from the wires themselves. The air carries a hint of humidity, and a constant low drone fills the space, akin to the buzz of electricity coursing through high-voltage cables.


  • From Level -7: Occasionally, traversing through doorways bathed in a reddish luminescence within Level -7 can result in an unintended entry into Level -7.1.


  • To Level -7: Delicately navigating through the labyrinth of wires to discover doorways with less wire concentration can facilitate a return to Level -7.


Red Rovers: These entities are composed entirely of the same crimson wires that infest the level. They demonstrate remarkable agility and speed as they traverse the wire networks. Red Rovers typically display non-aggression unless their wires are disturbed.

Object Interactions:

  • Crimson Wires: These wires can conduct dangerously high voltage. Direct contact should be avoided at all costs, and attempts to sever or fracture them should never be made.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Exercise caution while moving to prevent stumbling over or getting snared in the wires.
  • Exercise extreme care to avoid damaging the wires, as this may provoke a Red Rover.
  • Under no circumstances should the wires be touched bare-handed, as they can deliver severe electrical shocks.