Backrooms Level -9.1: "The Whirlpool"

Level -9.1, ominously dubbed "The Whirlpool," unfolds as a submerged, tempest-infested echo of Level -9, suffused with ever-shifting maelstroms.

Deciphering The Whirlpool:

The Whirlpool manifests as a boundless marine expanse, sharing a semblance to Level -9 but punctuated with omnipresent, roiling whirlpools that speckle the aquatic vista. These watery vortices present an additional challenge by unpredictably altering their locations within the level.

Environment Conditions:

Mirroring the environmental conditions of Level -9, The Whirlpool is characterized by an incessant chill and the ubiquitous scent of brine. The undercurrent, however, adds a twist to this nautical nightmare by introducing the relentless threat of forceful undercurrents and seething whirlpools.


  • From Level -9: Areas within Level -9 with particularly deep waters can unpredictably transition into Level -9.1.
  • Random Shifts: Wanderers can inadvertently find themselves in Level -9.1 following random shifts from any other level.


  • To Level -9: An escape back to Level -9 can be achieved by seeking placid waters and swimming upwards.
  • Random Shifts: Wanderers can be seized by potent currents and translocated to other levels through unexpected shifts.


Whirlpool Entity: This entity, unique to Level -9.1, is an aquatic predator that capitalizes on the whirlpools as a hunting strategy. Its watery constitution makes it nearly imperceptible in the aquatic surroundings, and its attacks are alarmingly swift and lethal.

Object Interactions:

  • Whirlpools: Not merely environmental hazards, whirlpools are also a magnet for Whirlpool Entities. It is wise to give them a wide berth whenever possible.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Steer clear of the whirlpools. They create turbulent underwater currents and serve as lures for Whirlpool Entities.
  • Strive to locate tranquil waters to make your way back to Level -9.
  • Keep in mind that Whirlpool Entities are nearly indistinguishable in the water. Maintain a constant vigil.