Backrooms Level -9.2: "The Inconsistent Abyss"

Backrooms Level -9.2, dubbed "The Inconsistent Abyss", is an aquatic level that challenges conventional perception of space and time.


Level -9.2 presents itself as a boundless subaqueous expanse with a mutable topography. It is common to find underwater cliffs, chasms, and enigmatic luminescent formations. The water color fluctuates from transparent to deep blue, and visibility alters erratically. No discernible surface or seabed exists, creating an image of an endless maritime domain.

Environment Conditions:

Despite the underwater setting, wanderers are able to breathe, communicate, and maneuver as if they were in a regular environment, though a mild pressure, akin to deep-sea diving, is omnipresent. The temperature is pleasantly cool. Intriguingly, time appears to progress inconsistently within this level, with perceived time and actual time having scant correlation.


  • From Level -9: Occasionally, bodies of water in Level -9 serve as portals leading into The Inconsistent Abyss.


  • To Level -9: Particular clusters of air bubbles function as gateways, transporting wanderers back to Level -9 when traversed.


Marine Wraiths: These are spectral, fish-like entities that radiate a soft luminescence. They generally disregard wanderers, moving in captivating patterns and intermittently phasing through tangible structures.

Object Interactions:

  • Luminescent Formations: Contact with these formations can induce mild disorientation and temporary loss of spatial perception.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain composure and resist panic, notwithstanding the underwater conditions. Remember, you can breathe and move normally.
  • Exercise caution regarding the inconsistent progression of time. Track time using a trustworthy device if available.
  • Avert touching the luminescent formations, as they can provoke temporary disorientation.