Backrooms Level -: "Minus"

Designated as Level -, or alternatively "Minus," this level represents an austere, minimalistic interpretation of the Backrooms, materializing as an endless sea of sterile white.

An Overview:

Minus unveils itself as a realm of infinite expanse, flawlessly flat and blindingly white. The familiar yellow walls and drone of buzzing fluorescent lights, so typical of other levels, are conspicuous by their absence. The landscape is dominated by sporadically placed, monolithic blocks of white - the only distinguishable features in this stark expanse.

Environmental Conditions:

The environment is striking in its uniform whiteness, bathed in bright light from an indiscernible source. The air is arid, and the temperature remains pleasantly cool. The space is devoid of any distinctive smell, and sound seems to be oddly stifled, casting an oppressive blanket of silence over the area.


  • From Level Ω: Navigating straight towards the horizon with a mind devoid of thoughts may abruptly catapult wanderers into Level -.
  • From Level Δ: Within certain spatial distortions, focusing intensely on the color white might trigger an unexpected shift into Level -.


  • To Level Ω: Fixating one's gaze upon a monolithic block for an extended duration may initiate a return transport to Level Ω.
  • To Level Δ: The act of mentally visualizing intricate shapes and vibrant colors can draw a wanderer back into the multidimensional tumult of Level Δ.


Nulls: The Nulls are featureless, humanoid entities of white, effortlessly camouflaging with the environment of Level -. Their behavior is not overtly hostile, but they emanate a disquieting aura. Their purpose or the exact nature of their existence within Level - remains a mystery.

Object Interactions:

  • Monolithic Constructs: The monolithic blocks punctuating the stark emptiness of Level - are the sole distinguishable features. Interaction with them is limited, but sustained observation may facilitate an exit from the level.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Stay focused on your surroundings to prevent disorientation amidst the stark uniformity of Level -.
  • Exercise caution around Nulls. While they do not display aggression, their behaviors are unpredictable and potentially unnerving.
  • Keep vivid mental images of complex shapes and bright colors. Actively imagining these could provide a potential pathway back to Level Δ.