Backrooms Level -Δ: "Dimensional Chaos"

Backrooms Level -Δ, also recognized as "Dimensional Chaos", is a level where conventional physical laws are disrupted and unpredictable spatial and temporal distortions are frequent.


Level -Δ eludes standard description as its structure and appearance are perpetually fluctuating. It amalgamates a tumultuous blend of elements from other levels, which can range from carpets and wooden doors to fluorescent lights and beyond. The geometry of this level is non-Euclidean and multidimensional, giving rise to circumstances where corridors paradoxically loop into themselves or doors reveal vast, seemingly infinite expanses.

Environment Conditions:

The environment is volatile and chaotic, with the temperature, humidity, and light levels shifting unpredictably. The auditory experience in this level can swing from eerie silence to intense, inexplicable noises. Gravity, too, can vary, even reverse, without prior indication.


  • From Level -Ω: Actively visualizing intricate patterns and vivid colors can pull a wanderer from the void of Level -Ω into the tumultuous realm of Level -Δ.


  • To Level -Ω: Concentrating on the concept of absolute void may instigate a transition from Level -Δ to Level -Ω.


Chaotic Manifestations: These entities are as erratic as the level itself, oscillating in form and behavior. They might appear benign at one moment and aggressive the next.

Object Interactions:

  • Geometric Structures: These structures are in a constant state of flux. Interaction can provoke unexpected shifts in location or orientation within the level.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Remain vigilant and flexible. The chaotic nature of Level -Δ necessitates rapid cognition and prompt action.
  • Refrain from interacting with Chaotic Manifestations as their behaviors are capricious.
  • In potentially perilous situations, focusing on the concept of emptiness might provide an escape conduit to Level -Ω.