Backrooms Level -Θ: "Distant Echo"

Backrooms Level -Θ, known as "Distant Echo", is an elusive and distorted echo of the Backrooms, noted for its ephemeral and unstable characteristics.


Level -Θ presents as a distorted mirror of Level 0, maintaining the hallmark monotony of hallways and rooms. However, the details appear hazy and indistinct. Walls seem to undulate and ripple akin to a mirage, while structures intermittently fade in and out of existence, lending an air of impermanence to the level.

Environment Conditions:

The air within Level -Θ is thin, often inducing a sensation of breathlessness in wanderers. The temperature is prone to erratic fluctuations, and a desynchronized hum accompanying the fluorescent lights contributes to the surreal ambiance. Light within this level possesses an uncanny, flickering quality.


  • From Level -Ω: Wanderers within Level -Ω can transition into Level -Θ by moving in a direction perceived as both forward and backward simultaneously.


  • To Level -Ω: Concentrating on feelings of stillness and void may facilitate a return to Level -Ω.


Echoes: Echoes are spectral, nebulous entities that aimlessly drift throughout Level -Θ. Nearly as intangible as the level itself, they appear translucent and seemingly oblivious to the presence of wanderers.

Object Interactions:

  • Ethereal Objects: Certain objects within Level -Θ mimic the level's unstable, phantom-like nature, manifesting and dematerializing at random.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid dependence on physical landmarks for navigation due to the level's inherent instability and shifting landscape.
  • Pay careful attention to shifts in temperature and lighting as these may indicate a change in the level's stability.
  • While Echoes are typically harmless, their presence can be disorienting. Avoid contact when possible.