Backrooms Level -Ω: "Terminal Emptiness"

Backrooms Level -Ω, labeled as "Terminal Emptiness", is a void-like level that seemingly stretches beyond the usual confines of the Backrooms.


Level -Ω presents as an infinite stretch of sheer darkness, absent of any tangible matter. It lacks visible walls, ceilings, or floors. This void renders perception of depth impracticable, instigating strong feelings of severe disorientation and existential dread.

Environment Conditions:

Despite the vacuum-like conditions, wanderers are capable of normal movement and respiration. There is an absence of light, temperature, or sound, leading to an overpowering sensation of absolute nothingness. Time holds no relevance in this level, with no discernible shifts or occurrences to signify its flow.


  • From Level -Δ: Occasionally, concentrating on the concept of absolute void while within the tumultuous realm of Level -Δ can instigate a sudden transition to Level -Ω.


  • To Level -Δ: Actively visualizing intricate patterns and vivid hues in the void can pull a wanderer back into the multidimensional turmoil of Level -Δ.


No entities are known to exist in Level -Ω. The void is utterly devoid of life or any perceivable phenomena.

Object Interactions:

No objects exist for interaction in Level -Ω. Its defining feature is the utter absence of physical matter.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Sustain a robust mental condition. The severe disorientation and feelings of solitude can pose a significant mental challenge.
  • Recollect vivid hues and intricate patterns. Actively envisioning these could open a pathway back to Level -Δ.