Backrooms Level -π: "The Irrational Maze"

Backrooms Level -π, dubbed "The Irrational Maze", is a mathematical paradox within the Backrooms, defined by its illogical and contradictory spatial dimensions.


The Irrational Maze appears as an immense network of hallways and rooms that disregard any conceivable logical or physical laws. The arrangement of the maze perpetually modifies in real-time, with walls, ceilings, and floors transmuting, rotating, and altering in a manner that challenges comprehension. Instances of corners simultaneously acting as right and obtuse angles, or corridors appearing infinitely long yet traversable in a few strides, are common.

Environment Conditions:

The level retains the quintessential Backrooms aesthetic, complete with yellow, tarnished wallpaper and fluorescent lights. The ambient temperature remains comfortable. However, the omnipresent hum of the fluorescent lights unpredictably fluctuates, sometimes dividing into multiple pitches simultaneously or varying in volume.


  • From Level -ε: Within the unstable environment of Level -ε, specific shifts can lead to an abrupt transition into the Irrational Maze.


  • To Level -ε: As the spatial structure of Level -π is unsteady, it can occasionally ripple back to Level -ε. This generally occurs when a wanderer experiences extreme disorientation or emotional distress.


Paradoxes: The Paradoxes are entities native to Level -π. They are paradoxical by nature, materializing as impossible objects or figures. Some Paradoxes might appear as three-dimensional renditions of a Penrose triangle or a Möbius strip. They are typically non-aggressive, mainly serving to enhance the disorientation of wanderers.

Object Interactions:

  • Walls, Floors, and Ceilings: These architectural elements in Level -π are in a constant state of flux and often shape into impossible geometries. Physical contact is not advised, as it may result in paradoxical transformations of the wanderer's own physical form.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintaining mental stability is vital for survival in this level. Acquiesce to the irrationality of the surroundings and abstain from trying to logically decipher it.
  • Avoid physical contact with the Paradoxes and the morphing architecture to evade potential harm.
  • Always carry a reliable source of light, as the fluorescent lights in this level may flicker or momentarily switch off, casting areas into darkness.
  • Remember, panic or extreme disorientation can prompt a transition back to Level -ε. Use this as a last resort if escape appears unattainable.