Backrooms Level -ζ: "Negative Zone"

Backrooms Level -ζ, commonly referred to as "Negative Zone", embodies a mind-altering inversion of reality, presenting an experience akin to viewing the world through a photo-negative lens.


Level -ζ manifests as a colossal, labyrinthine maze reminiscent of Level 0, albeit with inverted coloration. The walls exhibit a deep blue hue, while the typically yellowish fluorescence is replaced by a harsh, purplish luminescence. This environment presents a warped and distorted perception, inducing a profound sense of disorientation among wanderers.

Environment Conditions:

Notably colder than other levels, Level -ζ is continually swept by a brisk wind. A strong metallic scent permeates the air, potentially leading to headaches and nausea over prolonged exposure. The customary hum of the fluorescent lights is substituted by a disquieting, high-frequency whine.


  • From Level θ: Wanderers who lose their sense of orientation within Level θ may inexplicably transition into Level -ζ.


  • To Level θ: Maintaining a sense of direction in spite of the prevalent disorientation may eventually return wanderers to Level θ.


Negatives: Indigenous to Level -ζ, Negatives appear as radiant white silhouettes of varying shapes and sizes. Exhibiting erratic and unpredictable behaviors, they often exacerbate the disorientation experienced by wanderers.

Object Interactions:

  • Inverted Objects: Certain objects within Level -ζ share the inverted appearance of the environment. While these objects do not facilitate significant interaction, their abrupt emergence may indicate the nearby presence of Negatives.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid engagement with the Negatives due to their erratic and unpredictable behaviors.
  • Retain a constant awareness of your bearings to navigate through the bewildering layout of Level -ζ.
  • Limit exposure to this level due to the potential health implications of the metallic air and high-frequency sound.