Backrooms Level -θ: "Fallen Hub"

Backrooms Level -θ, colloquially termed "Fallen Hub", is a derelict, deteriorating variant of the familiar Level 0, characterized by toppled furniture and severely impaired infrastructure.


Level -θ exhibits aesthetics reminiscent of Level 0, albeit in a condition of severe deterioration. The walls display extensive cracking, the wallpaper is in stages of peeling off, and the usual, monotonous drone of the fluorescent lights is punctuated by intermittent flickers and electric buzzing. Debris from collapsed ceiling panels and scattered, overturned furniture clutter the floor.

Environment Conditions:

The air within Level -θ is permeated by the musty odor of dampness and mold, implying a lengthy period of abandonment. The temperature remains colder than in most levels, and a continual draft adds to the disquieting ambiance.


  • From Level 0: Occasionally, doors within Level 0 reveal not another room but the desolation of Level -θ.


  • To Level 0: Doors that remain intact within Level -θ may lead back to the predictable monotony of Level 0.


Decayers: Named for their capability to rapidly decompose any material they come in contact with, Decayers are shadowy humanoid figures that wander the level, posing a significant threat.

Object Interactions:

  • Debris: While the debris might pose potential hazards, it can also serve as a means of barricading against the Decayers.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Exercise caution around Decayers. Their touch is damaging to both the surroundings and wanderers, necessitating maintenance of a safe distance.
  • Employ the available debris as a defensive measure if required.
  • Constantly search for undamaged doors as they offer the most probable escape route back to Level 0.