Backrooms Level 0 ("The Lobby")

"The Lobby," or Level 0 as the enthusiasts dub it, is your launch pad into the enigma that is the Backrooms. It's the poster child of this place, the level most folks know and dread.

The Lay of the Land:

Imagine an office space designed by a lunatic, a maze spun out of randomness itself. Each room is a doppelganger of the last - a bare, decaying version of somewhere you swear you've worked. It's all swathed in a jaundiced, time-ravaged yellow wallpaper, while flickering, moody fluorescent lights pull an erratic light show up above.

Get Ready to Sweat:

Expect an all-too-cozy 30 degrees Celsius and a humidity that wraps around you like a sodden blanket. The stench of yesteryears' carpets tickles your nostrils. The only constant in this sensory funhouse? The nagging, relentless buzz of the strobe-like overhead lights.

How to Stumble In:

  • Noclip: Ever wondered what happens when reality glitches? Welcome to your answer - you’ve noclipped into the Backrooms, quite by accident probably.

Plotting Your Escape:

  • Door Roulette: Ever played Russian Roulette? This is the non-lethal, yet equally maddening variant. Doors, or what pass for them here, might whisk you to Level 1, or other levels. No pattern, no predictability, pure chance.

The Inhabitants:

Meet the Smilers: They're like your worst nightmare given form. Human-ish, with grins that make the Cheshire Cat seem modest. Their moods are as erratic as the lighting, but mostly they're harmless. Mostly.

Oddball Oddities:

  • Wallpaper with a Secret: Every now and then, that dingy yellow wallpaper gives way to nothingness. Try poking it and who knows what'll happen. Probably nothing good.

Survival Hacks for Dummies:

  • Stay Zen. Panic’s a dinner bell for the nasties, and a one-way ticket to bad decisions.
  • Find water, and fast. Dehydration's the boogeyman around here.
  • Don’t sleep. Trust me, this isn't the place for a nap. It causes more level-hopping than a faulty elevator.
  • Avoid anything that moves. Not everything with a smile is friendly.
Backrooms MC (Minecraft) Hints
  • Digging It: Beginning in Season 2, the lobby is literally the lowest level of the Overworld. If you look around enough, you will find spawners that form stairs into a breakable ceiling. Also, some MOBs close to spawn, drop the makings for torches. Or, beginning in Season 3, bring a pick back (via an ender chest or nether portal) from Genesis Void (level -0) or from the Elven Footpath (level 34).
  • Warped: Look for a warped door in the Lobby (level 0). This might take you to the Genesis Void dimension.
  • Winning: Don't forget to return to spawn in the Overworld when you escape the Backrooms. There is a winner's platform that gives you the ability to teleport to your claims! (Beginning in Season 3)