Backrooms Level 12: "Endless City"—Urban Infinity

Immerse in Level 12, the "Endless City", where the urban sprawl stretches towards the limits of perception, punctuated by desolation.

A Metropolis Lost in Time:

Enter Level 12, an infinity of city streets and architectural curiosities. Strikingly bereft of life, this urban landscape is occupied by diverse structures—modern skyscrapers scraping non-existent clouds, nestled alongside dilapidated tenements whispering tales of decay.

Amidst the Concrete Canyons:

The ambient temperature of this urban maze mimics a day-night cycle, albeit without celestial bodies to punctuate the monotone skyline. The faint scent of wet concrete wafts through the air, while elusive echoes of traffic play out a spectral symphony. Streets come alive under the glow of lamplights and luminescence escaping from the vacant buildings.

Stepping Through the Stages:

  • From Level 11: Navigate your way out of the larger egg chambers to be embraced by the cityscape of Level 12.
  • From Level 10: Beware—corridors could unexpectedly unfold into the urban sprawl of Level 12.

Doors Within Doors:

  • Architectural Anomalies: Unassuming buildings scattered throughout the Endless City might just serve as clandestine portals to other levels.

Dwellers in the Dark:

City Stalkers: Humanoid shadows that meander through the city's labyrinthine streets, generally apathetic towards wanderers, unless provoked.

Touching the Untouched:

  • Lamplights: These glowing guides can be your compass in the cityscape. Beware, though, for physical contact might summon undesirable entities.

Navigating the Never-ending:

  • Steer clear of inciting the normally placid City Stalkers, for they may resort to aggression when threatened.
  • Make the lamplights your guideposts, but avoid physical contact lest you catch the attention of unwanted presences.
  • Remember the architectural anomalies—these unique structures might just be your key to orientation in this infinite metropolis.