Backrooms Level 14: The Transport

Ah, the enigma that is Level 14! Let me tell you, it's something you won't easily forget. They don't call it "The Transport" for no reason - it's akin to an infinite journey on a train cruising through an everlasting twilight.

Painting the Picture:

Imagine this - an endless sprawl of trains and tracks, all humming and thrumming with the rhythm of life, but hold on, there's a twist! Not a single soul operating them or traveling beside you. Peeking out the windows, you'll witness twilight, that glorious sliver of time between daylight and darkness, stretching out into the unknown, crafting a landscape that is as hauntingly beautiful as it is desolate.

Feeling the Vibes:

What does it feel like, you ask? Well, quite cozy to be honest! Picture the ideal room temperature, a level of humidity that just feels right, nothing too sticky or too dry. Hear that? That's the lullaby of the moving train and a faint, rusty scent that fills the air. And let's not forget the ambiance! It's a soft, welcoming dimness lit by the gentle twilight and the soothing glow of the train's interior lights.

Jumping In:

  • From the Archives of Level 13: Fancy a read? Careful though, some books in Level 13 might drop you right into Level 14.
  • A Stroll through Level 5: Sometimes, just sometimes, strolling down certain paths in Level 5 might land you at the doorstep of a train station, the doorway to Level 14.

Jumping Out:

  • Via the Train Doors: Looking for a way out? You might want to give those train doors a go, but only at specific times. Who knows where you might end up!

Meet the Locals:

The Conductors: Spotted any old-fashioned conductor uniforms? Yes? Then you've seen the Conductors, humanoid entities that couldn't be bothered with wanderers and never leave their trains. What they're really up to, though, is anybody's guess.

Tampering with Trinkets:

  • Playing with the Train Controls: Tempted to play around with the controls? Be warned! Unexpected twists and turns await you, often catapulting you to different corners of the level.

Strategies and Safeplays:

  • Don't try to be the train master, those controls are more unpredictable than a cat on a hot tin roof.
  • When you're thinking of exiting, keep an eye on the clock. Remember, where you land depends on when you take the leap.
  • The Conductors? Give them their space. We have no clue how they might react when disturbed, and I doubt you want to find out the hard way!