Backrooms Level 1.1: A Deceptive Respite

Then there's Level 1.1, a curious sub-level of Level 1. An eerie sense of domestic comfort awaits here, giving you a break from the usual oppressive mood.

A Walk Down Memory Lane:

Think of a labyrinth of living spaces, reminiscent of apartments or hotel rooms from another era. This isn't your usual yellow-wallpaper affair. Here, the walls are draped in faded hues, and occasionally adorned with patterns or decor that offer a change of scenery. Old appliances and furniture complete the picture of a cozy yet long-forgotten home.

A Comfortable Uncertainty:

This level scores well on the comfort scale, at least compared to its peers. The temperature and humidity are fairly bearable. Lighting is dim, sourced from scattered lamps and fixtures, but it's a steady glow, minus the flickering fluorescents. The air carries a mix of dust and the smell of aging upholstery, while vague sounds hint at things unseen.

A Hidden Doorway:

  • Secret Passages from Level 1: Not every door in Level 1 leads to where you'd expect. Some are portals to Level 1.1.

The Exit Strategy:

  • Doors to the Unknown: Doors here might lead back to the familiarity of Level 1, or plunge you into a different sub-level or main level.

Unexpected Roommates:

Crawlers: Ever seen a critter crawling along the walls, floors, and ceilings? That's them. They're generally peaceable, but like any cornered creature, they can turn hostile if provoked.

Appliance Anomalies:

  • Retro Tech Surprises: Don't be too startled if the TV, radio, or telephone springs to life with no warning or produces garbled output. It's just another quirk of Level 1.1, more of a jump-scare than a real threat.

How to Play it Safe:

  • Live and let live. The Crawlers are generally not out for a fight unless you're asking for one.
  • Don't get too comfortable. Sure, the place might seem inviting, but always be ready for a sudden shift or an unexpected encounter.
  • Remember, staying here too long can give you a false sense of security. That's a luxury you can't afford in the unpredictable Backrooms.