Backrooms Level 1: The Déjà Vu Continues

Level 1, the carbon copy of Level 0 with a twist, is often touted as the Backrooms' inaugural real-deal level.

A Little Less Samey:

Remember Level 0? Picture it again, but with a dash of Salvador Dali. The rooms have decided to rebel against their perfect right angles, taking on shapes that would make Euclid weep. Scattered around, you'll spot the odd furniture - tables, chairs, even vending machines, like a deserted office after an earthquake.

Not-So-Tropical Climate:

The warmth dials down a notch from Level 0, like a tropical island in late summer. The cloying humidity is cut down to size too. The musty carpet aroma persists, now sharing airspace with a faint, plastic tang. The buzzing symphony of lights is quieter, with the occasional hum of some phantom machine filling in the silence. Those capricious, flickering lights? Still here, for the ambiance.

Coming in From:

  • Level 0 Doorways: Doorways that played coy in Level 0 might decide to serve as a gateway to Level 1. If they're in the mood, that is.

Planning Your Exit:

  • Stairways to Nowhere: Catch sight of a staircase? Descend. It might just be your elevator to Level 2.
  • The Doorway Shuffle: Some doors might be polite enough to drop you back to Level 0. Or, if they're feeling adventurous, transport you to entirely different levels.

The Locals:

Smilers, Again: Still around, still grinning, still largely benign. Just don't annoy them. They don't like that.

The Skin-Stealers: Imagine a photocopier but for humans, and with a temper. Imitators par excellence, they're hostile and should be given a wide berth.

Interacting with the Scenery:

  • Vending Machine Lottery: These dispensers dole out something called "Almond Water". Drinkable, and, as many explorers will tell you, lifesaving.

Your Survival Guide:

  • Remember the Level 0 handbook? The rules still apply. Be cool, find water, don't die.
  • Keep clear of the Skin-Stealers. They're not big on conversation, but they're great at ambushes.
  • Spot a staircase, make a beeline for it. It's your key to delving deeper into this madhouse.