Backrooms Level 23: "The Shifting Halls"

Welcome to the perplexing maze that is Backrooms Level 23, or "The Shifting Halls", a complex labyrinth that never rests, continuously changing its structure in a way that hints at sentient design.


The Shifting Halls stretch into an intricate network of corridors, rooms, and stairways, all built from the same monotonous beige and cream palette. However, the layout is never static. It morphs in real-time, rearranging walls, doors, and stairways, as if the architecture itself is alive.

Atmospheric Conditions:

Level 23 maintains a consistently cool temperature. The air is fresh but carries a slight staleness. The lighting strays from the norm of the Backrooms, adopting a softer, sepia-like hue. The only discernible sound within this level is the constant shuffling of the restless architecture.

Entry Points:

  • From The Infinite Archive (Level 22): Certain doors within Level 22 may inexplicably open into the Shifting Halls.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Silent Sanctuary (Level 24): Occasionally, wanderers may discover doors that lead to Level 24, often appearing at the ends of hallways or behind hidden panels.

Local Entities:

Architects: These rare entities seem to orchestrate the constant reconfigurations within the Halls. They adopt an ethereal form and typically evade any contact with wanderers.


  • Moving Walls: The walls within the Shifting Halls are mobile and potentially hazardous to inattentive wanderers. Maintain a safe distance when possible.

Survival Strategies:

  • Maintain alertness to evade getting cornered or trapped by the shifting architecture.
  • Attempt to form a mental map of the area. This could be challenging due to the ever-changing layout but may prove beneficial.
  • Avoid engaging with the Architects. While they are not outwardly aggressive, their reactions could be unpredictable if disturbed.