Backrooms Level 25: "The Serpentine Labyrinth"

Welcome to Backrooms Level 25, or "The Serpentine Labyrinth", a baffling maze of curving corridors that convolute in ways that defy comprehension, creating a mind-boggling topography.


The Serpentine Labyrinth is a complex and intricate maze featuring winding corridors that seemingly follow no set pattern. Its floor, walls, and ceiling are constructed from a sleek, chilly stone material. Flickering lights, inlaid within the labyrinth's walls, provide a dim illumination that casts shifting shadows, further amplifying the perplexing nature of the environment.

Atmospheric Conditions:

Level 25 is characterized by a damp, musty atmosphere, and temperatures a few degrees below what one would consider room temperature. An ever-present low humming noise pervades the environment, its origin elusive.

Entry Points:

  • From The Silent Sanctuary (Level 24): Finding peace within the Silent Sanctuary could reveal the entrance to the Serpentine Labyrinth.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Staircase of the Forgotten (Level 26): Upon reaching the core of the labyrinth, wanderers may find themselves transported to Level 26.

Local Entities:

Serpents: These are the primary entities within Level 25. Serpents, named for their snakelike appearance, navigate the labyrinth with ease. They are typically non-hostile but may exhibit defensive behaviors when threatened.


  • Labyrinth Walls: The walls are slick and cold, an identifying characteristic of this level. However, touching them can induce a mild sense of vertigo due to the spatial distortions inherent to the level.

Survival Strategies:

  • Marking your path is crucial to avoid getting lost. However, due to the spatial distortions of the labyrinth, some markings may prove unreliable.
  • Do not provoke the Serpents. While generally non-hostile, they will defend themselves if necessary.
  • Take regular breaks to preserve your mental health. The confounding nature of the labyrinth can be mentally exhausting.