Backrooms Level 31: "The Obscure Overpass"

Backrooms Level 31, or "The Obscure Overpass", presents a bewildering array of intersecting, floating walkways that form a maze suspended in an abyss of dim light and hushed sounds.


Level 31 is defined by a vast network of suspended walkways, each approximately 2 meters wide and composed of a robust, concrete-like substance. These walkways twist, intersect, and loop upon themselves in a disconcerting non-Euclidean fashion, creating a seemingly infinite labyrinth. Absence of walls and the infinite expanse of the void that encloses these paths add to the unsettling ambiance.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The air in Level 31 vibrates with a continuous, low hum, seemingly emanating from the void itself. It maintains a consistently cool temperature, and a diffused, untraceable light gently illuminates the level. The surrounding abyss exacerbates a sense of vertigo, complicating navigation and inducing disorientation.

Entry Points:

  • From The Paralyzing Parlor (Level 30): A hidden passage within a fireplace with a false back in Level 30 leads directly to The Obscure Overpass.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Quivering Quarters (Level 32): Following a distinct, intricate pattern of turns and intersections within the walkways can abruptly transport wanderers to Level 32. This pattern appears to vary for each individual.

Local Entities:

The Walkers: The Walkers are entities resembling blurry, vague humanoid figures. They move silently along the walkways, seemingly unconcerned with wanderers. However, any attempt to interact or interfere with them triggers a swift and hostile response.


  • Walkways: Although solid and stable, the walkways may occasionally seem to move, enhancing disorientation. Rumors suggest the existence of hidden trapdoors leading to undisclosed levels of the Backrooms.

Survival Strategies:

  • Avoid interacting with The Walkers unless absolutely necessary. They are likely to exhibit hostility when disturbed.
  • Maintain a slow and steady pace to counter vertigo and disorientation induced by the apparent movement of the walkways.
  • Make a mental map of your path. Despite their chaotic arrangement, the walkways follow a peculiar logic that, once understood, can assist with navigation.