Backrooms Level 33 ("The Chasm")

Oh boy, Level 33, an unsettling moniker, "The Chasm," that paints a pretty clear picture, right? An abyss-like territory where 'up' and 'down' aren't just directions, they're infinite.

First Look:

Picture this: a gigantic vertical canyon or crevasse, peppered with a crazy array of platforms, walkways, staircases, hanging in the balance at all sorts of altitudes. Architectural vibes switch between sleek modern concrete to something out of an Indiana Jones film—aged, stone-carved paths. Light? Yeah, it's there, but where's it coming from? Beats me. It's casting these long, spooky shadows all over the place.

Feeling the Atmosphere:

How's it feel, you ask? Kinda cool, and not in a rad way, like temperature-wise. The air smells...old? Stale? Something like that. You'll notice sounds bouncing around, creating this low, droning hum. Gravity's all standard, but this place could give even a mountain goat vertigo.

Getting In:

  • From Level 32: If you take the plunge into the bottomless pit in Level 32, you might find yourself crash-landing into Level 33.
  • From Level 17: Sometimes, if you're on the staircases in Level 17, you might just end up on the staircases here. Weird, right?

Getting Out:

  • Through Doors: If you spot doors on certain platforms, they might just be your ticket back to Level 17.
  • Climbing Up or Down: Braving the extreme heights or depths of this chasm could take you to Level 32 or Level 34. Kind of a gamble if you ask me.

Casual Residents:

Chasm Specters: You'll feel them before you see them. They're hanging out in the chasm's shadows, making the place hum louder. Usually, they're cool if you're cool. Don't provoke them.

Play Nice:

  • Doors: Remember those doors I mentioned? Yeah, those could be your lifeline back to Level 17.

Survival 101 (for level 33):

  • Stick to the paths, don't tick off the Chasm Specters.
  • Watch your step; it's a long way down, or up—whichever way you're going.
  • Door spotting could save your life. Remember where you saw them—could be your ticket outta this place and back to Level 17.