Backrooms Level 35: "The Spectral Garden"

The Spectral Garden, known as Backrooms Level 35, is a peaceful yet eerily captivating level, reminiscent of a vast, glowing garden under a nonexistent moonlight.


Level 35 appears as an infinite sprawl of meticulously manicured, spectral gardens bathed in ethereal moonlight. Surreal topiaries, alien flowers, and shimmering, semi-transparent trees lend an unearthly ambiance to the area. A central pathway meanders through the gardens, branching off into smaller, secluded garden areas.

Environment Conditions:

The temperature in Level 35 is temperate, with a hint of coolness in the air. A calming, silverish light seems to radiate from the plants themselves, bathing the gardens in a spectral glow. The air is heavily perfumed with a myriad of floral fragrances, inducing an eerie yet soothing atmosphere.


  • From Level 34: Wanderers can enter the Spectral Garden through the stone archway located at the end of the Elven Footpath in Level 34.


  • To Level 36: Situated at the heart of the Spectral Garden is an imposing, spectral willow tree. Passing underneath its draping tendrils can transport wanderers to Level 36.


The Ghostly Gardeners: The Ghostly Gardeners, ethereal humanoid entities, can be observed diligently caring for the garden's flora. They generally disregard the presence of wanderers, wholly absorbed in their tasks. Interfering with their work is highly discouraged.

Object Interactions:

  • Glowing Flowers: The Spectral Garden's flowers are stunningly beautiful but emit a soothing, hypnotic glow that may induce drowsiness in wanderers. It is advised to avoid prolonged exposure to these plants.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid direct contact with the plants, especially the glowing flowers, as they can induce a hypnotic state.
  • Do not interfere with the Ghostly Gardeners or their work.
  • Following the main path will eventually lead to the spectral willow tree, the known exit to this level.