Backrooms Level 36: "Stardust Spires"

The Stardust Spires, designated as Backrooms Level 36, appear as a sprawling celestial city, featuring sky-high towers made from a radiant, star-like substance.


Level 36 mirrors an endless cosmic cityscape, with towering spires piercing into the void above. The city is built from a mystical, radiant material that shimmers like stars in a night sky. The cityscape is dynamic, constantly shifting and reconfiguring itself in seemingly paradoxical patterns. The terrain underfoot is solid, sprinkled with the same starry substance as the spires, providing a surreal foundation for the city.

Environment Conditions:

The environment is crisp and cool, and though the air is thin, it remains breathable. The cityscape, with its embedded stardust, provides the only source of light. The level is enveloped in an overwhelming silence, broken only occasionally by the sound of shifting structures.


  • From Level 35: Venturing beneath the hanging tendrils of the spectral willow tree in the Spectral Garden will lead wanderers to Level 36.


  • To Level 37: A portal to Level 37 is located atop the highest spire, which shifts location from time to time.


The Astral Entities: Known as the Astral Entities or Starborn, these creatures appear as constellations given humanoid form. They generally exhibit a passive demeanor, largely ignoring wanderers unless instigated.

Object Interactions:

  • Stardust: Stardust can be collected and utilized as a temporary source of illumination, but quickly loses its radiance once separated from the city structures.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Monitor your position relative to the spires consistently as it's easy to lose one's bearings amidst the ever-changing cityscape.
  • Avoid unnecessary engagement with the Astral Entities.
  • Reaching the apex of the highest spire poses a significant challenge due to the city's fluid nature, but it remains the only known route to the next level.