Backrooms Level 39: "The Phantom Purgatory"

Backrooms Level 39, also known as "The Phantom Purgatory", is an eerily tranquil, ghostly place filled with ethereal figures and phenomena.


Level 39 appears as a vast, mist-shrouded moor under a pale, hauntingly beautiful sky. Scattered throughout the mist are countless glowing orbs, remnants of past wanderers, each emitting a soft, luminescent glow that pierces through the ever-present fog. Semi-transparent, spectral figures are often seen wandering aimlessly or standing still, staring into the void.

Environment Conditions:

The temperature in this level is consistently cool, bordering on cold, with a constant, slight breeze causing the mist to swirl unpredictably. The light from the orbs provides a spectral, surreal illumination. The sound is muffled, with faint echoes of whispers carried by the wind, making the atmosphere even more unsettling.


  • From Level 38: The wooden door at the top of the Unending Staircase opens to Level 39.


  • To Level 40: Certain glowing orbs, when approached, might suddenly grow and engulf the wanderer, transporting them to Level 40. Distinguishing these orbs from the others is challenging.


Phantoms: Phantoms are ghost-like entities in this level. They appear indifferent to the presence of wanderers and rarely interact with them. However, their intentions and potential threats remain unknown.

Object Interactions:

  • Glowing Orbs: The orbs are remnants of past wanderers and each emits a soft light. Some of these orbs have the ability to transport wanderers to Level 40.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Keep a safe distance from the Phantoms. Their intentions are not known.
  • Take time to observe the orbs before approaching. A sudden increase in glow or size could indicate a potential exit.
  • Due to the quiet and calm environment, it might be easy to let one's guard down. Always be alert and prepared for unexpected occurrences.