Backrooms Level 43: "Whispered Secret's Well"

"Whispered Secret's Well", known as Backrooms Level 43, is a cavernous level, housing a multitude of abyssal wells. From these wells resonate unending whispers, believed to disclose the universe's secrets.


Level 43 materializes as an expansive subterranean cavern filled with an incalculable number of wells that seem to penetrate the core of reality. Each well displays unique ornamentation, with intricate carvings adorning their rims. A cacophony of whispers, echoing from the unfathomable depths below, fills the air around these wells.

Environment Conditions:

The atmosphere is humid and carries a rich, earthy aroma. The temperature fluctuates between cold and uncomfortably hot. The incessant whispering creates an unsettling ambiance in this level, ranging from soft murmurings to overpowering chatter.


  • From Level 42: Manipulating a specific, hidden book within The Limbo Library's vast collection reveals a trapdoor that leads to the Whispered Secret's Well.


  • To Level 44: Casting an object into one of the wells may occasionally invoke a portal to Level 44.


Whisper Wraiths: Spectral entities meandering the caverns, attracted by the whispers. While generally peaceful, they may show hostility if their paths are obstructed.

Object Interactions:

  • Whispers: The whispers are believed to convey secrets, enigmas, and cryptic messages. While most remain unintelligible, some wanderers claim to have gleaned insights or answers to profound questions from them.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Traverse the level with quiet respect. Loud noises or irreverent behavior could antagonize the Whisper Wraiths.
  • Exercise caution when listening to the whispers. Some wanderers have been driven to madness by the cryptic and occasionally disturbing secrets they've unearthed.
  • Deliberate carefully before tossing an object into a well. Not all wells create a portal to Level 44; some might trigger unknown and potentially hazardous consequences.