Backrooms Level 49: "The Fractured Uplands"

Known as "The Fractured Uplands", Backrooms Level 49 is a vast expanse of disjointed, floating landmasses suspended in a sky filled with swirling nebulous clouds.


This level materializes as a massive, fragmented landscape floating in an infinite sky. The terrain consists of suspended islands, each hosting its unique ecosystem of unusual and often alien flora. The sky is a spectacle of shifting colors, with nebulous clouds forming hypnotic patterns as they continuously twist and churn.

Environment Conditions:

The air on this level is thin and has a brisk quality, bearing the scent of unfamiliar plant life. The temperature fluctuates greatly from one island to another, ranging from temperate climates to freezing cold. The only consistent sound is the sporadic soft rumbling of moving landmasses and the distant echo of unknown creatures.


  • From Level 48: One can enter The Fractured Uplands by journeying through the frosty portals in "The Chilling Cellar".


  • To Level 50: Hidden within their diverse ecosystems, certain islands possess portals leading to Level 50.


The Floaters: Semi-transparent entities known as The Floaters glide silently through the sky, emanating soft, tranquil melodies. They generally exhibit a non-hostile demeanor, unless provoked.

Object Interactions:

  • Alien Flora: The flora found on these islands is of an alien nature and often behaves unpredictably. Certain plants bear fruits possessing anomalous properties.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid disturbing The Floaters; their calming melodies can induce deep sleep in wanderers, making them susceptible to dangers.
  • Due to varying gravity across different islands, caution is advised when moving from one landmass to another.
  • When dealing with the alien flora, exercise caution; the effects of their fruits can be unpredictable, ranging from beneficial to potentially harmful.