Backrooms Level 5742432: "Dyson Sphere"

"Dyson Sphere", or Backrooms Level 5742432, is a gigantic cosmic construction that taps into the energy of a contained star, believed to power the boundlessly expansive Backrooms.


This level manifests as an immense spherical structure, apparently built around a dazzlingly radiant star at its core. Its interior surface is patterned with complex networks of glowing lines and nodes, likely forming a comprehensive system of energy channels. The star's luminosity lights up the interior of the sphere, resulting in a surreal twilight ambiance.

Environment Conditions:

The air is oddly breathable yet leaves a unique metallic taste in the mouth. The temperature is consistently warm, thanks to the encapsulated star. A perpetual, low-frequency drone permeates the environment, probably the operation noise of the Dyson Sphere.


  • From Level 49: Certain portals, hidden within the ecosystems of islands in The Fractured Uplands, lead to the Dyson Sphere.


  • To Various Levels: The energy conduits scattered across the Dyson Sphere surface intermittently open up as portals, leading to different levels of the Backrooms.


Sphere Guardians: Amorphous luminous entities known as Sphere Guardians patrol the Dyson Sphere, seemingly assigned with the maintenance and repair of the structure. They typically ignore wanderers unless the structure is tampered with.

Object Interactions:

  • Energy Conduits: These conduits are channels for vast amounts of energy, leading to various points throughout the Backrooms. Coming into contact with these conduits can result in severe burns or other dire consequences.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid touching the energy conduits to prevent severe injury.
  • Refrain from interfering with the Sphere Guardians or the structure itself; this can provoke a hostile response.
  • Exercise caution when using conduits as portals; the levels they lead to are random and potentially hazardous.