Backrooms Level ε ("The Exhibit")

Known as "The Exhibit", Level ε unfolds as an extensive display of artistry, disconcertingly mirroring the sundry facets of the Backrooms and their peculiar inhabitants. Differing from Level 22, which parades extraterrestrial and abstract art within a museum setting, Level ε hones its focus on the Backrooms, offering an immersive encounter with a diverse range of art forms.

Appraising the Exhibit:

Level ε takes shape as an expansive art gallery, home to a variety of creative expressions. Ranging from paintings and sculptures to installations and interactive displays, these art pieces afford fleeting yet revealing insights into the enigmatic levels and entities of the Backrooms. Standing in stark contrast to the alien aesthetics of Level 22, the artworks here eerily emulate the somber, uncanny ambiance characteristic of the Backrooms.

Exhibit Atmospherics:

Maintained at a comfortable temperature, Level ε provides a controlled environment for its inhabitants. The illumination varies, with individual spotlights accentuating the art exhibits. The air within remains still, carrying a faint undercurrent of paint and varnish.

Accessing the Exhibit:

  • From The Tapestry: Stepping through select paintings within Level 55, "The Tapestry", may guide explorers to Level ε.
  • From The Archive: Engaging with certain art-centric books within Level 78, "The Archive", can transport wanderers to Level ε.

Departures from the Exhibit:

  • Artistic Gateways: Certain artworks, upon specific interaction, transform into portals that transport the viewer to various levels within the Backrooms.
  • Back to The Tapestry: Venturing through particular paintings can lead explorers back to Level 55, "The Tapestry".

Exhibit's Inhabitants:

Artisans: Resembling humanoid figures composed of varied artistic materials, these entities, dubbed the "Artisans", typically remain neutral, their attention consumed by the creation of new artistic pieces. However, should their work be disturbed, they can react with aggression.

Interactions with Exhibit Artifacts:

  • Artistic Renderings: The artworks within Level ε mirror the diverse facets of the Backrooms. Interaction with these pieces can provide insights about the various entities, levels, and survival strategies within the Backrooms.

Navigating the Exhibit:

  • Avoid disturbing the Artisans or their creations, as this will incite their aggression.
  • Use the art pieces as learning tools to enhance your understanding of the Backrooms, but exercise caution during interaction, as they could potentially lead to dangerous levels.
  • Remain vigilant, as the seemingly benign appearance of the level can induce a false sense of security within wanderers.