Backrooms Level η ("The Verdant Veil")

Level η, aptly dubbed "The Verdant Veil", unveils a sprawling, labyrinthine jungle that seemingly engulfs an expansive office complex, blurring the lines between the natural and the man-made.

The Veil Unveiled:

The Verdant Veil manifests as a profuse jungle, the lush growth braided seamlessly with the skeletal remnants of an office complex. Flora of diverse species, some reminiscent of our world and others disconcertingly alien, have commandeered the entirety of the area. They insinuate themselves through walls, ceilings, and floors, obliterating the line between nature and structure. Office compartments and cubicles are swathed under a dense blanket of leaves and vines, nearly erasing any traces of their original purpose.

Veiled Atmosphere:

The atmosphere of The Verdant Veil is perpetually warm and saturated with moisture, strikingly similar to a tropical rainforest. The pervasive scent of damp earth and vibrant vegetation saturates the air. Light percolates through the thick canopy overhead, casting a dappled, emerald-tinged luminescence across the level. The symphony of wildlife, the whisper of trickling water, and the rustle of leaves create a ceaseless soundtrack to this unusual biome.

Approaching the Veil:

  • From The Thicket: Braving the most dense regions of Level ι, "The Thicket", may eventually lead explorers into the embrace of The Verdant Veil.
  • From The Enclave: Offices swallowed by rampant greenery within Level 48, "The Enclave", may serve as portals into The Verdant Veil.

Veiled Departures:

  • Through the Forgotten Doors: The few remaining office doors, stubbornly resisting the onslaught of nature, may offer passage back to The Enclave or other corners of the Backrooms.
  • Above the Canopy: Ascent of certain robust vines can potentially lead wanderers to Level 33.

Denizens of the Veil:

Verdant Guardians: These humanoid entities, fashioned from living plant matter, appear to be the custodians of this organic labyrinth and exhibit hostility towards those who inflict harm upon their charges.

Chameleon Crawlers: These creatures perfectly mimic their leafy surroundings, using their formidable camouflage to silently track unsuspecting wanderers.

Interactions within the Veil:

  • Flora: The Verdant Veil nurtures an array of plant life, some of which bear healing properties or can provide sustenance in this inhospitable reality.

Strategies for the Veil:

  • Avoid causing harm to the flora to circumvent attracting the ire of the Verdant Guardians.
  • Exercise constant vigilance to detect Chameleon Crawlers attempting to blend in with the vegetation.
  • Utilize the nourishing and healing properties of certain plants, while maintaining caution against potentially harmful flora.