Backrooms Level ζ ("The Aquatic Abyss")

Designated as Level ζ, "The Aquatic Abyss" unfurls as an infinite, imposing sea that lays claim to an unsettling dimension within the Backrooms. It sets itself apart with a disconcerting deviation from the predominantly indoor environments typically found in other levels.

Exploring the Abyss:

As the name implies, The Aquatic Abyss embodies an immeasurably vast expanse of water, void of any visible landforms or islands. Unlike its counterparts in the Backrooms, this level eschews any trace of constructed features or building-like elements. There are sporadic floating objects, but they are few and far between, often frustratingly out of reach.

Abyssal Atmospherics:

The water in the Abyss is consistently cold and dark, setting the stage for an overall aura of disquiet. The air is laden with humidity and a noticeable saltiness, while a chilling wind whispers ceaselessly, sending ripples across the water's surface. Light levels fluctuate, often bestowing upon the environment an eternal twilight hue. Visibility underwater is severely limited, fostering a profound sense of dread and igniting fears of what may lurk unseen beneath the surface.

Accessing the Abyss:

  • From The Marsh: Taking a leap of faith into any large water body within Level 31, "The Marsh", may result in a plunge into the Aquatic Abyss.
  • From The Rift: A careless tumble off the edge of Level ξ, "The Rift", could potentially deposit explorers in The Abyss.

Departures from the Abyss:

  • Plunge into the Depths: A daring dive deep into the ocean, followed by an unyielding descent, might eventually lead to an escape via Level -6.
  • Salvation at Sea: On occasion, entities known as "Saviours" may surface in small vessels. Accepting their extended help will transport wanderers to Level 44.

Abyssal Inhabitants:

Saviours: These entities appear in the guise of humans clad in rescue uniforms aboard small boats. They exhibit friendly behaviour, offering assistance to those stranded in this marine wasteland.

Abyssal Wraiths: These are immense, unseen entities that prowl beneath the ocean's surface. Their presence is typically heralded by gigantic, dark silhouettes that glide ominously under the water.

Interactions with Abyssal Artifacts:

  • Drifting Debris: Various objects drift aimlessly in the water, offering temporary platforms to rest or regain strength. However, some of these floating fragments can pose dangers or shelter hostile entities.

Navigating the Abyss:

  • Avoid prolonged immersion in the water due to the unknown and potentially harmful entities that inhabit the Abyss.
  • Approach floating debris with caution as certain objects can be perilous.
  • Should a Saviour extend a lifeline, it is generally advised to accept their aid.