Backrooms Level Y: "The Standstill"

Level Y, shrouded in the name "The Standstill", manifests as an eerie, formless abyss that seems to dwell outside the conventional realms of the Backrooms, defying all norms and logic.

Decoding the Standstill:

The Standstill is a perplexing, shapeless abyss, void of identifiable characteristics or markers. The enigma of this realm extends to disrupt basic spatial and temporal dimensions, morphing distances and durations into fluid, unreliable measures. An unnerving sense of stagnation prevails as strides seem futile - you appear locked in the same position regardless of your efforts.

Environment Conditions:

The Standstill is characterized by an absolute lack of conventional sensory stimuli. There's no discernible temperature, gravity, scent, or sound. A nebulous fog of dull gray shrouds the expanse, restricting visibility to a scarce few feet. This sensory deprivation intensifies the uncanny ambience of Level Y.


  • Unanticipated Shifts: Level Y could be thrust upon anyone through unpredictable, seemingly random shifts from any other level in the Backrooms.


  • Unanticipated Shifts: As unpredictably as one is thrust into The Standstill, the egress can be equally arbitrary. You could be jolted into any other level without warning or discernible reason.


The Fabricators: These are elusive, impalpable entities speculated to shape the environment of The Standstill. Although their presence can't be directly observed, alterations in the environment, such as a sudden warmth or a fleeting clear view through the fog, are often attributed to these spectral entities.

Object Interactions:

  • Personal Effects: Objects carried into The Standstill are susceptible to unpredictable transformations, often taking on distorted shapes or defying natural laws.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain calm and track time meticulously as The Standstill's fluid nature could spur disorientation and panic.
  • Stay alert for sudden environmental shifts which might signify the presence of a Fabricator.
  • Treat belongings with caution within The Standstill, as they might undergo unforeseen alterations.