Backrooms Level Z1: "Confluence"

Level Z1, aptly named "Confluence", is a conundrum within the Backrooms that echoes the intricacies of Level Z, but with a unique twist—it houses within itself microcosmic versions of all previous levels.

Decoding the Confluence:

This level unfurls as a labyrinthine fusion of spaces that collectively embody all the known levels of the Backrooms, from Level 0 to Level Z. The chambers and corridors oscillate and transfigure, sometimes even assuming attributes of multiple levels simultaneously. However, these spaces are mere simulacra; they are smaller, compacted, and often bear distortions absent in the original levels.

Environment Conditions:

The environmental conditions within Level Z1 are in a constant state of flux, aligning with the currently dominant level attributes. Thus, wanderers may find themselves subjected to dramatic shifts in temperature, auditory experiences, and even gravity in mere moments. The odor and humidity levels often morph to reflect the represented level as well.


  • From Level Z: Occasionally, a disruption in Level Z can guide a wanderer into the heart of Confluence.
  • Random Shifts: Unpredictable perturbations within various levels may sporadically propel an individual into Level Z1.


  • To Original Levels: Numerous exits can guide one back to the original levels mirrored by Confluence, typically through doorways or passages that mimic the original level's entry points.
  • Arbitrary Shifts: Just as it can be stumbled upon, Confluence can be left behind via random, uncontrollable shifts to other levels.


Micro-Entities: Miniaturized renditions of entities from all previous levels can be encountered within Confluence. They exhibit traits and behaviors akin to their larger counterparts but pose significantly less threat owing to their reduced stature.

Object Interactions:

  • Miniature Objects: Objects discovered within Level Z1 echo those found in the original levels, but they are downsized to blend with the condensed environments.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Prepare for swift environmental transmutations. Being equipped to adjust to the conditions of any Backrooms level at a split second is paramount.
  • Although the Micro-Entities pose a lesser physical threat, their presence still calls for caution. Exercise vigilance when encountering them.
  • Level Z1's shapeshifting nature can make orientation challenging. It is advisable to mark one's path while traversing this perplexing level.