Backrooms MC

Backrooms MC is a Java Minecraft Backrooms server found at:

Server Rules

  1. Thou shalt be respectful
  2. Thou shalt NOT be toxic
  3. Thou shalt avoid NSFW behavior
  4. Thou shalt NOT grief
  5. Thou shalt keep spoilers out of the public chat.

The Admin reserves the right to ban anyone for any reason.

If the backrooms exist, the admin/mods are not likely to give out spoilers about how to get to them.

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Backrooms ...

is an urban legend. They don't exist.

Anyone who claims to have been to the backrooms is wrong.

Backrooms Level 0
This is what people claim level zero looks like.

Certainly, nowhere in the Overworld, Nether, or End looks like this.

Backrooms Level 1
Level 37 of the fictional Backrooms.

Backrooms really couldn't exist, could they?

Backrooms Level 1
Don't drink the water.